Frequently Asked Questions

Contact me at hello@emmastevenson.co.uk if you have a question that isn’t answered here.

Do you do full refurbishments?

Yes my service is entirely bespoke and will be tailored to your needs and requirements, from colour consultations to full refurbishments.

How much do i need to be involved?

As much as you want! I encourage some involvement, especially at the beginning, but if you want a full service with minimal input, I’m happy to take the reins!

Do you work internationally?

Yes, in normal times i would always try and visit site at least once or twice, but in view of recent travel bans etc, I am happy to work from plan. I do find some onsite videos to be very helpful to get an idea of light etc…

Will you be reachable to answer questions?

As the lead designer I always have an eye on all ongoing projects but in some instances, my colleagues might be better suited to answer your questions.

Is there a waiting list?

As my approach is slightly different and more bespoke I like to only take on 3-4 projects on at any one time. There can sometimes be a little wait but it ensures that when we do work together you get all the attention you deserve.